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Listeq introduces BoxedVDI.

Listeq has just released its first beta version of its new product: BoxedVDI. BoxedVDI is a software package to create a VDI multiseat solution using a standard PC and up to 6 DisplayLink-powered Zero Client adapters.

BoxedVDI is the first multiseat solution based on full system virtualization and can run on top of a standard Windows operating system. By using full system virtualization, users can simultaneously use different operating systems. Supported "guest" operating systems include Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and various Linux distributions. BoxedVDI provides superior isolation between the user desktops while still maintaining a native, interactive user experience.

BoxedVDI is compatible with inexpensive DisplayLink powered Zero Client hardware from vendors like Plugable, HP, Wyse, Viewsonic, Targus and Atrust and most HID keyboards and mice.

BoxedVDI is developed for the educational market to facilitate low cost, low energy, OS independent computer desktops. Instead of using an expensive or difficult to use multi-user operating system to run multiple session, BoxedVDI runs a native single-user operating system for each desktop.

The product is completely software based and runs on Windows XP, Vista, 7, 32 and 64 bit versions. A Linux version of BoxedVDI is under development.

A basic setup for 4-6 desktops will need one Zero Client adapter for each desktop, a host computer with Intel i5 processor or better, at least 4GB of memory and Windows 7.