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The user levels, and their capabilities need to be changed. 'Admins' should have only a bare minimum of permissions and should not be able to do things we don't want them to - mostly uncommon but important tasks - they can always ask someone else to do it.

Every account has one of the following user levels:

= User level				Display as (to normal users)	Prefix
External user (no account)		-				- ([unregisted] suffix)
Banned					Banned
Awaiting e-mail activation		Unconfirmed user
Awaiting admin activation		Unconfirmed user
Trial user				New user			[T]
Normal user				Registered user			[R] (optional)
New site operator			Site operator			%
Site operator				Site operator			%
Support team				Support team			@
User administration			User administration		@
Moderators				Administrator			@
Admin					Administrator			@
SuperAdmin				Administrator			@
  • 'User level' indicates the internal code as used by the team
  • 'Display as' indicates how the user level is indicated to non-admin users
  • 'Prefix' indicates the prefix in the user list in the receiver interface, the default suffix is [Location, Country]

Privileged actions and the required minimum user level:

= Action				Minimum level
Request support				Logged in
Write forum post			Trial user
Read user info				Trial user
Tune receiver (limited)			Trial user
Tune receiver				Normal user
Kick user				New site operator
Login with lower level (for tests)	Site operator
Tune receiver (unlimited)		Site operator
Temp ban user				Site operator
Support					Support team
Perm ban user				Support team
Restore user password			User administration
Change user profile			User administration
Activate user				User administration
Change user name/email			User administration
Global support (access assigned)	Moderators
Wiki editor (create/delete)		Moderators
Edit any receiver			Moderators (Receiver team??)
Forum post moderation (edit/delete)	Admin
Forum editor (forums/categories)	Admin
Content editor (some pages)		Admin
Change user level			Admin
Log in as any other user		SuperAdmin