Linksys WAP610N

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Linksys WAP610N is a 'dual-band' (2.4/5GHz) Wireless A/B/G/N accesspoint.


To access the router:

telnet 1111

where is the IP address of the accesspoint. This will get you into some kind of service console, providing all kinds of commands without any authentication. From here, you can easily brick your router, so be careful. If you feel adventurous, try the HELP command.

This service console allows to run commands, but it's not very convenient to use. You can enable the built in telnet server using the following command (until the device reboots):

SYSTEM telnetd

Now you cal telnet to the device and you will see a linux login prompt:


Try to log in using username root. Some reports claim that the default password is wlan.

In case you can't log in yet, you can change the password from the service console using this command:

SYSTEM (echo admin; sleep 1; echo admin; sleep 1) | passwd

The password for the root user will now be set to admin.

The file /README learns us that the device is based on the Metalink Ltd. SDK/scripts. The device is based on the STAR STR9100 hardware and contains a FA526id ARM CPU, running at 153.19 BogoMIPS. It has about 4MByte of flash storage and about 32MB of RAM.